More than just an Edition. This is your opportunity to create a unique 1/1 NFT with me.

Introducing Action Editions by Vincent Schnabl

In the spirit of co-creation I want to give YOU the opportunity to create a unique 1/1 with me.

The rules are simple. You must collect one Weekend Warrior, Avid Adventurer AND Epic Explorer edition OR collect the Living Legend to contribute.

This will give you the OPTION to help me create a photography 1/1 NFT. You will vote on things likes genre, subject, location, time of year etc. You will also receive behind-the-scenes updates on my process of getting and editing said 1/1. Once the 1/1 is created it will be raffled off to a maximum of 15 holders of all 3 editions + 1 Living Legend holder.

Here’s the TWIST!

In order to collect the higher tiers of editions, you must BURN 🔥 the stated amount of Weekend Warrior editions to REDEEM them (this utilizes Manifold’s Burn Redeem app).

For the weekend warriors out there who have a taste for adventure and want to get their feet snowy, this edition is for you.

This token also acts as your ticket to redeem the Avid Adventurer Edition, Epic Explorer Edition, and Living Legend 1/1.

Open Edition @ 0.03 Ξ

For the avid adventurers, who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile, this edition is for you.

Edition Size: 35

Epic Explorer
For the epic explorers who often take the path less travelled, this edition is for you.

Edition Size: 15
This 1/1 is for the living legend, the mythical adrenaline junkie, about whom they will tell stories at the local watering hole for years to come.

Edition Size: 1/1

🔥 2 x Weekend Warrior

🔥 5 x Weekend Warrior

🔥 69 x Weekend Warrior

*If you are in it just for the art, all of the above perks are 100% optional and you have no obligation to participate if you choose not to.

These editions + 1/1 will be live from December 12, 2022 – January 31, 2023. In the event some are left unclaimed, the total supply will remain at the number claimed during this period of time.